Record sap runs continues!

by Don 4/12/2023 6:24:00 AM

We now are 5 days into a continuous sap run! We’ve never had more than 3 days of continuous flow in 30 years. Our monitoring system does show that the rate of flow is diminishing and could stop by tomorrow. The sap is still quite clear which is somewhat surprising considering the very warm temperatures ( 70-80 ).

We made our first barrel of dark robust syrup yesterday due to the warming sap. All the rest remains Amber Rich. We now have surpassed 0.4 gal of syrup per tap which is very respectable. Our goal is to reach .5 gal of syrup per tap.

A drop in temperature is forecast for this weekend so that could prolong the season.

In talking to several other syrup makers, those on gravity systems like buckets and bags are getting very little sap whereas high vacuum systems still produce sap.

Check back to see what happens next!