Surge of Sap!

by Mary 2/25/2016 7:35:00 AM

With temperatures more like late March, we've had several days of impressive sap flow.  Our earliest start to the maple syrup season, we have 1800 gallons of sap to process. Today will be the first day of making syrup by concentrating the 2.5% sugar in the sap to 11%, using the reverse osmosis machine. Our wood -fired evaporator will bring this sap to 67% sugar, at which point it is maple syrup. The RO process reduces wood consumption and the time required to make syrup by 75% .

While the forecasts can change, the extended outlook looks very favorable for sap flow and, in the end, delicious maple syrup! Stay tuned!

  • THU 02/25mostly-cloudy34°/20°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 13.8 NW
  • FRI 02/26partly-cloudy42°/32°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 6.9 SW
  • SAT 02/27partly-cloudy56°/35°Partly sunnyPrecip chance: 1%Wind: 8.1 SW
  • SUN 02/28snow42°/29°FlurriesPrecip chance: 55%Wind: 11.5 N
  • MON 02/29mostly-cloudy44°/20°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 11.5 WSW
  • TUE 03/01partly-cloudy31°/21°Intermittent cloudsPrecip chance: 14%Wind: 9.2 NE
  • WED 03/02partly-cloudy30°/15°Intermittent cloudsPrecip chance: 10%Wind: 11.5 NE
  • THU 03/03clear35°/20°Mostly sunnyPrecip chance: 12%Wind: 12.7 WSW
  • FRI 03/04mostly-cloudy34°/27°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 0%Wind: 6.9 E
  • SAT 03/05mostly-cloudy37°/26°Mostly cloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 11.5 W
  • SUN 03/06cloudy38°/26°CloudyPrecip chance: 16%Wind: 5.8 SSW
  • MON 03/07cloudy42°/28°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 6.9 ENE
  • TUE 03/08cloudy42°/30°CloudyPrecip chance: 25%Wind: 10.4 SE
  • WED 03/09cloudy42°/35°CloudyPrecip chance: 35%Wind: 13.8 SE
  • THU 03/10clear53°/33°SunnyPrecip chance: 16%Wind: 6.9 SSE