Maple Cream is here! 2011 Season coming to an end!

by Don 4/10/2011 1:34:00 PM

We have had a a very busy week with outstanding flows and fortunately, light amber syrup to make delicious maple cream. For all of you who have been waiting, maple cream is now here. Our webmaster will soon make the change on the ordering page; go ahead and satisfy your sweet tooth. It's perfect on toast, bagels, alone on a spoon, or simply with peanut butter on bread.

This year with the vacuum system providing 25 inches of negative pressure throughout the entire system, we have averaged 1/2 gallon of finished syrup per tap. By maintaining the correct  drop line (greater than 5% slope) and fixing sporadic leaks, we have had this gentle suction throughout the sugarbush. The vacuum pressure acts like a "low pressure system", encouraging the trees to keep dripping, but without any negative effect on the trees.  The reverse osmosis system installed this year removes approximately 75% of the water in the sap before it enters the evaporator. Enabling us to use much less wood and reduce our carbon footprint, the RO has added  sanity to our lives with all the sap we have collected.

 Our total syrup production at this writing is 340 gallons, with today our first day of Grade B. We will finish the season on Wednesday and report our final production total for 2011 towards the latter part of the week. 


Peak Season is Here--Maple Cream to Follow

by Peter 4/3/2011 6:08:00 AM

The past several days have been excellent weather for sap flow.  We have collected and processed thousands of gallons of sap.  On Friday, we made 75 gallons of maple syrup, which is a new record for us.  We were excited that much of this syrup was light amber, making it suitable for making maple cream.  Hopefully we will have our first batch of cream made next weekend.  We have been out of maple cream for quite a while, which has been difficult.  For those who have tasted maple cream (which is really just maple syrup concentrated into a spreadable form, sort of like whipped honey), it is a treat that is hard to go without. 

It appears that the weather this week will be good early in the week and then turn marginal for sap production after Wednesday.  This is because the overnight low temperatures are not expected to drop below freezing.  However, with the vacuum pump we should still be able to get some sap flow.  We are hoping to be making syrup for at least a couple more weeks, but there is no way to predict how long the sap will continue to flow.

Sap should be flowing!

by Don 3/29/2011 2:27:00 AM

Reviewing the upcoming forecast, we should have outstanding sap flows, particularly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. With a low pressure system approaching Sunday, we're optimistic for turbo flows with the vacuum system.


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