International Maple Syrup conference

by Don 11/2/2022 2:27:00 PM

  The International Maple Syrup Conference was held in La Crosse WI last week. Our maple syrup submissions were awarded Blue Ribbons but not judged in the top 3. This photo however, was awarded First Place in the photo contest. 


by Don 4/15/2022 9:50:00 AM

On Wednesday the 13th, we hit 500 gallons of finished syrup for only the fourth time in our 29 year history!👍. With last years drought, and the atypical spring we are experiencing, we felt this might be difficult to achieve. Being beset with mechanical issues of a plugged RO and a vacuum pump failure, we were nervous that some of the runs would be missed.Fortunately the timing of these 2 problems occurred during lulls in the flow. I guess sometimes it is better to be lucky than good! We are experiencing temperatures 20 deg below average, so we may yet get one more run this weekend or early next week . Check back for updates.

Approaching the seasons end

by Don 4/11/2022 5:00:00 PM

The weather has been quite favorable with highs in the 40’s and 50’s and nights in the low 30’s. We have had consistent flows and have produced very flavorful Amber Rich and Dark Robust syrup. Due to the drought of 2021 and fluctuating weather extremes, we were hesitant to predict a good yield. We have been pleased to be approaching our target yield of 0.5 gallons of finished syrup per tap. We may achieve this within the next 2 days🤞. A cold snap is forecast so it may extend the season a few more days. We taste test the sap daily to make sure it remains a fresh , crisp taste required for high quality syrup.  Check back soon.