Short, but still sweet!

by Don 4/8/2015 4:01:00 AM

Our season came to a whimpering finish last Saturday, the 4th of April.  As the warm days extended into the nights consecutively for much of the week, the sap flow slowed to a drizzle and began to develop a cloudiness, which is one of the signs that the season is nearing an end.

We concluded the season on April 4th and now are in the process of breaking down, servicing and cleaning our equipment.

We are now prepared to begin bottling and shipping the syrup we've all been patiently awaiting.

You may notice a change in the labeling of syrup this year. The International Maple Syrup Producers have adopted a new uniform grading system.  While still based on color, the previous 4 grades (Light Amber, Medium Amber, Dark Amber and Grade B) have now been reclassified into only 3 grades, all labeled Grade A (Light Delicate, Medium Rich and Dark Robust).

If you prefer the strongest maple flavor, choose the Grade A Dark Robust.  The new grading system has added the descriptive adjectives to enhance the consumer's understanding of maple syrup grading.  We hope you don't find it too confusing.

Whichever Somerskogen Syrup you try, we know you will enjoy it!!